Golden Bridge Award Winners 2023

Golden Bridge 2023 Trade & Export Awards


FLOORIFY - Winner of this year’s Best SME

Established just seven years ago, Floorify has disrupted the market with its 'rigid click flooring' segment, emphasising quality, innovative marketing, and a robust distribution strategy.

In their four-year UK journey, Floorify, despite the challenges of Brexit and a tough market, has grown impressively to 45 accounts. Recognising the need for a tailored approach, the company enlisted the expertise of Michel Vanhoonacker to navigate the UK market successfully.

Experiencing rapid growth, Floorify recently invested in local stock operational from September, defying the sales drop trend in the UK flooring industry. This resilience led to their recognition as the 2nd fastest-growing company in West-Flanders.

As Floorify continues to shape the flooring landscape, this award underscores their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Michel Vanhoonacker, Chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and of the Golden Bridge Jury 2023 commented: "Floorify impressed the jury with its dynamism and enthusiasm which makes it ‘best of the class’ in customer care and an extremely fast grower. A perfect example of small is beautiful, it shows that size does not matter when coming to the UK market: a good product, an energetic team and a positive mindset can take any SME to the next level in a very competitive UK flooring market."

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Floorify Press Release (pdf)



SARENS – Winner of the Carbon Reduction Award

Sarens, the global leader in crane rental services and heavy lifting, has been awarded the Golden Bridge Award for Carbon Reduction 2023. Recognised for their commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions, Sarens stands at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, providing intelligent solutions to heavy lifting challenges.

Sarens, with a presence in over 100 entities across 65 countries and a workforce of 5,000 professionals, is dedicated to a comprehensive carbon strategy aligned with global climate goals. The company's focus on minimising its carbon footprint is evident in its environmentally responsible practices, addressing both direct and indirect emissions.

Sarens has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the creation of the world's fi rst Green Giant Crane, the SGC-90. This innovative crane is not only capable of connecting to the electric grid but also generates its own energy. Crafted entirely in-house, the SGC-90 stands out for its remarkable qualities, operating in near silence, emitting no exhaust, and presenting no risk of oil contamination. In a strategic move towards sustainability, Sarens has joined forces with NuScale to collaborate on zero-emission projects in the realm of clean nuclear energy throughout the United States. Positioned at the forefront of the energy transition, a substantial portion of Sarens' current projects involves working with clients in off shore and onshore wind, nuclear energy, and hydrogen. The company's commitment to environmental responsibility is evident in the installation of over 1,000 wind turbines on solid ground, with ongoing efforts to contribute to these sectors each day.

This award underscores Sarens' remarkable dedication to reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainability globally.

Michel Vanhoonacker, Chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and of the Golden Bridge Jury 2023 commented: “Sarens has a very long and successful presence in the UK market which is proof of their commitment to this important market. Moreover, they have been able to adapt to an ever changing environment and explore new market segments such as windfarms . Even though Sarens has limited ways to reduce their own carbon footprint due to many practical constraints, they are an important contributor in reducing the carbon footprint of the UK as a whole whilst finding ways to make lifting heavy stuff greener every day.”

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Sarens Press Release (pdf)



EVS – Winner of this year’s Technological Innovation Award

EVS, a trailblazer in media and entertainment technology, has been awarded the Golden Bridge Award for Technological Innovation in 2023, underscoring a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

EVS's commitment to sustainability extends to its technological solutions. The company has prioritised the development of IP and cloud technology-defi ned solutions, facilitating remote workfl ows and hardware virtualisation. This approach minimises power consumption and environmental impact. EVS designs hardware that optimises power consumption per video channel, emphasising the reduction of environmental impact throughout the product lifecycle. By joining the Institute for Sustainable IT, EVS gainsvaluable resources and advice to further its sustainability goals.

EVS has joined the Institute for Sustainable IT, a collaborative eff ort among organisations striving to reduce the impact of their IT equipment and products. This partnership provides EVS with valuable resources and advice, furthering the company's sustainability goals and reinforcing its commitment to technological solutions that are both innovative and eco-friendly.

Michel Vanhoonacker, Chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and of the Golden Bridge Jury 2023 commented: “EVS won the Awards in 2006 as it was then top of its class. 17 years later, the company has lost nothing of it technological and competitive edge but this time it was also able to show the necessary ESG and carbon reduction credentials. It is the first time a company wins the Golden Bridge Awards for a second time and this in itself is a major achievement showing EVS has kept on growing and has been able to stay leader in its market.”

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EVS Press Release (pdf)



SHURGARD – Winner of this year’s ESG Award

Shurgard's commitment to sustainability is reflected in significant strides across environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. Recognised by awards and scores from ESG frameworks, Shurgard improved its score in S&P Global’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment, placing among the world’s top 9% of real estate companies. The GRESB 2023 results awarded Shurgard an excellent 5-star rating and a score of 91 out of 100. MSCI's inaugural rating in 2023 placed Shurgard with an AA rating, while Sustainalytics rates Shurgard as low risk at experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors, refl ecting the growing integration of ESG issues throughout the business. In 2023, Shurgard has been included in the BEL ESG index by Euronext.

Shurgard's sustainability objectives extend into the future with goals such as, achieving operational Net Zero by 2030 and material Net Zero by 2040. These commitments demonstrate Shurgard's understanding of enduring environmental challenges and its pledge to contribute to long-term climate solutions. Shurgard's dedication to sustainability is evident in tangible results, including a 7.2% reduction in like-for-like reduction in energy consumption, a 9.3% reduction in like-for-like reduction in carbon emissions, together with an impressive 10.5% reduction with green-energy procurement all compared to 2021.

Shurgard's social objectives extend to customers, employees, and communities. The company fosters trust through best-in-class customer service, promotes employee development and well-being, and engages with local communities to create a positive and lasting impact.

Shurgard places a strong emphasis on corporate governance and ethics, with well-defined structures, key committees, and a commitment to transparency and integrity. The company's ethical compass is reflected in transparent remuneration practices, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) goals, and a commitment to keeping the board independence thresholds as required by best governance practices.

Michel Vanhoonacker, Chairman of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and of the Golden Bridge Jury 2023 commented: "The Shurgard team impressed the Jury with its genuine commitment to the ESG principles and putting these into real world practice, such as their partnership with the Mayor’s Fund charity. The company is growing steadfast in the UK and showing very healthy profits. All ingredients which make it an ideal Golden Bridge Award Winner."

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EVS Press Release (pdf)