Eurostart Venture Awards

Eurostart Venture Awards

What is EVA?

EVA is the BLCC's new start-up competition in which 10 of the most promising university start-ups from Belgium, Luxembourg and the UK go head-to-head with the aim to win the top cash prize that will support them in kickstarting their first business venture.

The competition will allow young entrepreneurs to showcase their new and upcoming ideas to a panel of expert judges who will evaluate each start-up over a range of criteria.

The Event

The event will see the best start-up, from each of the participating universities, showcase their business idea by pitching with the aim of being awarded 1st place.

The EVA will not only provide all the participants with a minimum cash award to foster entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, it will also give the opportunity for the start-ups to connect with potential investors and the chance for them to grow their business network.

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Anne Githu

“Being part of the EVA Awards was truly a remarkable experience for us. Not only did we have the chance to showcase Sustainow, but we also gained valuable insights and connections through learning and networking opportunities. Your support throughout was greatly appreciated.”

Anne Githu | SUSTAINOW from Lancaster University
Sven Jacobs

“Our entrepreneurs enjoyed it very much, it was an amazing experience for them”

Sven Jacobs | Mentor at KdG University

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