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Business Services

Each year we help over 250 companies with our practical business services. Many on a daily or monthly basis, assuring we offer reliable, fast, up-to-date and competitive services. As every company has its own particular needs, you can pick and choose from our business services menu so you always get the best deal.

Some services are included in our Freemium Membership package, so all you have to do is sign up and contact us by either e-mail or phone for straightforward and independent advice

Please e-mail or call +44 (0)207 127 4292.

Practical ways of helping you


set up your company

With over 50 years of combined experience in doing business in the UK, our specialists come and visit your premises in Belgium or Luxembourg to discuss your UK export and investment plans and to set out your UK strategy. Every year we talk to over 150 potential exporters and investors.


We can set up your UK organisation from A-Z. Over 100 companies use our back office services on a daily basis so they can concentrate on the front line.


We help you find the best UK staff in collaboration with our industry experts. Once the right employee is recruited, our monthly salary administration gives you peace of mind with up-to-date employment contracts and the monthly payment of salaries, social security contributions and taxes. Compliance to pensions regulations and life insurance advice are also part of the package.

legal advice

Our in-house solicitor helps you with UK legal matters. UK law is notoriously different from continental law. Do you have any contracts which need checking by a legal professional before entering into an agreement? Or do you have a dispute with a customer, landlord, supplier or employee? Contact our legal team at

Financial services

From registering you or your company for VAT and PAYE or CIS to accounting & expert tax advice by our industry experts. We help our members day in day out with banking, invoicing, bookkeeping, quarterly management accounts, end of year accounts and corporate tax returns.


Company insurance advice by our industry experts including employers, public liability, product liability and officers & directors’ liability


Our UK team answers your UK telephone in your company name and handle your UK mail eliminating the high cost of having an office in the UK. It shows your British customers your commitment to the UK market at a fraction of the price.

We also offer co-working, meeting and conference facilities at our Club Houses in Central London and hot-desking and meeting rooms in our Northern office.

meeting rooms

With over 1000 bedroom bookings per annum by our members, our Club Houses have the best location when doing business in London.

relocation services

We can provide relocation services for your employees moving to the UK. These include home search (rental & purchase), look & see tours, educational assistance, serviced accommodation, settling-in services, departure services and shipping co-ordination. We can take care of individual, family and group moves.


Life is not perfect and neither is doing business in the UK The BLCC has a long track record of solving complex issues with UK staff, partners, customers, administration and even the government.

Even if you are already established in the UK without our involvement, we can help you get back on track to fully exploit your potential in the UK.


Contact us on +44 (0)207 127 4292 or e-mail to discuss your plans and needs now.




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