EVA 2024 Winners

Eurostart Venture Awards 2024

Congratulations to the winners:



MAGRID from the University of Luxembourg, is an innovative and inclusive deep technology that fosters early childhood education for all children, including those with special education needs. Magrid is fully visual and language-free, with intuitive, learning-by-doing instructions. Developed through several years of research, Magrid's effectiveness has been validated by experts in 6 scientific studies and results showing significant improvement in wide range of different cognitive and math related skills.


PLANEO from Lancaster University, helps travellers save time and eliminate frustration by providing an AI-driven travel planning tool. Take a choice: transform this chaotic process into a seamless, personalised, and efficient itinerary.


PASTORY from Lancaster University, aggregates curricula from the world's leading schools, whilst also offering parents the opportunity to craft bespoke educational plans. Drawing from these curricula, the app recommends videos from popular platforms that are both meaningful and environmentally considerate. Subsequently, Pastory's generative AI proposes activities for both children and parents, designed to reinforce the knowledge acquired throughout the day.


EVA 2024 was the BLCC’s first edition of this competition and we carefully selected three universities to bring together nine of the most innovative and exciting start-ups across the 3 participating countries.

The universities were:

  • University of Luxembourg - Luxembourg
  • University of Lancaster- UK
  • Karel de Grote-Hogeschool – Belgium

2024 EVA Finalists:

Get on track"
Marie Copines"

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