The Accreditation Programme

The accreditation programme is the result of an intensive collaboration between the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Belgian Chambers of Commerce, the umbrella organisation for all Chambers of Commerce in Belgium.           

The accreditation programme aims to outline the main principles that Chambers need to take into account when fulfilling their mission:

  • a corporate governance structure allowing to run the Chamber in a professional way and not subject to personal interests
  • a professional way of working assuring continuity and offering a consistent range of quality services and activities;
  • synergy with the Luxembourg authorities as well as the federal and regional Belgian authorities, which defend and promote economic and commercial interests of Luxembourg and Belgium.

By granting an accreditation, the Federation and the Luxembourg Chamber want to give a clear sign that the Chamber is a reliable partner for helping companies with their international expansion.




Birkett Long"
Parabas Fortis"
Brussels Airlines"


Associated Members

Archer, Evrard, Sigurdsson"
Europa Road"
Green Barks Search"
Holmes & Hills"
The Green Projects Technology"