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Flanders is the northern federated state of Belgium with Brussels as its capital. It is the gateway to Europe and is located less than 500 km from the major European capitals. It shares its own capital with the EU, NATO and numerous other international institutions and companies. The combination of the renowned seaports, the extensive railway and road network, the productive and highly educated population, the excellent healthcare and the R&D-friendly climate, is what makes Flanders unique in Europe.


The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain’s sister organisation VOKA, is the most representative employers' organisation in Flanders. It represents over 18,000 companies in Flanders and Brussels. Thus it represents 69% of the private employment and 65% of the added value in Flanders.

FIT: Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) supports your company when you want to do business in or from Flanders. If you wish to set up a company in Flanders, FIT offers you free expert advice on matters regarding infrastructure, location, business cost, lifestyle, etc.


Let Flanders inspire you by their diverse art and culture! Admire our superb museums and let us surprise you by the creativity of our artists. Get in touch with the music at one of our festivals. Flanders caters for everyone’s taste.


Flanders has many beautiful spots and tourist attractions worth visiting. Flanders offers a multitude of historic art orientated cities, the Flemish coast and gastronomy, amongst other things.


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As a region, Wallonia is naturally open to the world and conversant in different languages and cultures. A vocation for exporting. An extraordinary sense of welcome. As an area of industrial tradition, Wallonia has forged its identity through immigration. It has a young and internationally mobile population.

Its university colleges and universities, which appear in global rankings, feature a very high proportion of foreign students.


La Chambre Wallonne de Commerce et d'Industrie is the Walloon ‘sister’ of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain:

On average, Walloon businesses achieve 66% of their turnover from exports. That is more than double the figure for the rest of the European Union. Industrial, technological or craft products: buying from Wallonia is a guarantee of quality in the conception, design, Just-in-time supply and customer relations. Flexible and innovative, Walloon SMEs (which make up 95% of the economy) rely on a highly educated workforce, and multilingual business services.

Wallonia boasts a wealth of resources to boost business performance. The Walloon Government has decided to invest 2.75 billion over the next 3 years to deploy the Marshall Plan2.Green, made up of 6 lynchpins that will boost the Walloon economy.


Do you crave open spaces, culture or tradition, thrilling events, a break that is both zen and romantic, do you fancy a city trip or an escape to the country?

Wallonia invites you to visit its well preserved natural attractions, its castles and fortresses and its well-known UNESCO world industrial heritage sites, not forgetting its delicious culinary traditions!


Are you looking for a region that combines nature and culture, gastronomy and friendly encounters? Wallonia won't fail to seduce you, not only with its wonderful tourist sites, but also with its delicious local products and the warmth of its people.


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As the centre of European culture and institutions, Brussels has much more to offer than most people imagine. Apart from its famous chocolates and beers, there are almost 90 museums, beautiful parks, architecture, bars and much more.


A brochure made for exporters who want to expand to Brussels. The document is made by the Brussels Import Agency and helps companies start exporting to Brussels (pdf)

Brussels Invest & Export is the foreign trade and foreign investment department of the Brussels Region Public Service (BRPS). It falls within the ambit of Brussels Economy and Employment, one of the seven administrations that make up the BRPS.  Brussels Invest & Export works on behalf of the economic development of the Brussels-Capital Region by fulfilling a two-fold mission:

  • Helping Brussels companies to expand into international markets
  • Prospecting among foreign companies and assisting them in planning their strategic relocation to the capital of Europe.

The Brussels-Capital Region supports numerous initiatives to stimulate the economy. Brussels Economy and Employment (BEE) promotes sustainable economic development and job creation in the Brussels-Capital Region with a whole raft of financial assistance measures for businesses.


Explore the rich cultural life of Brussels. The Belgian capital is not only a melting pot of French- and Dutch-speaking cultures. The city has also been enriched by a host of foreign cultural influences, which means there is always something to catch your imagination.


Brussels, the capital of 500 million Europeans, is waiting to share its treasures and talents with you and to tell you it’s story.
It has an ability to adapt to its visitors: no matter when you visit, there’s always something happening here; no matter how long you stay, there are several different ways to experience Brussels, each with some brilliant surprises in store. A multi-coloured heritage of the most diverse styles, a contagious creativity tinged with surrealism and humour, a sociable and epicurean art de vivre. Order of the day: fashion and design, comic strip, chocolate, beer, music and surrealism, sociability and more than 100 museums, high-tech and surprising meeting rooms and a whole constellation of hotels.



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